Monday, 2 June 2014

Principles of Social Reconstruction (Syai 'Affirmation 3)

Certain emotions (or motivations) tend to cause friction and suffering, but they arise naturally in us as in other socially interactive animals. One of these emotions is ENVY. Accepting and incorporating it at the same time as disarming it as one of the preoccupations of the Syai Founder's mind. The first six affirmations for social reconstruction and sustainability are in the orange frame above, but I write No.3 here as it is the subject of present attention, so needs to be easily read:

3.  Those who are secure in a state of well-being, enjoying freedom and privileges beyond the capacities of the majority to enjoy, must in future find justification in undertaking duties that contribute to the benefit of alll. Otherwise, envy becomes justifiable. The aim is to create social conditions in which envy - albeit part of our emotional natures - cannot be justified.      (Slightly changed in translation appropriately for the state we are in on this planet at present.)

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