Saturday, 14 June 2014

Changes needed for a better 'Earth' economy

[Picture by courtesy of five-year-old grandson]
The Capitalist genie is out of the bottle; everyone and everything of natural value serving the almighty dollar instead of the other way round. And what is the (US)dollar based on? Nothing but tenuous trust! In contrast, the Syai unit of money - the "pawneis" is based on food, or rather, the seasonal production and availability of essential foodstuffs.

Most trade has to be done in the USdollar, or at least in close association with it. Other currencies are unreliable because they can be manipulated by means of the US dollar; for example by altering terms of trade in favor of the "big guys" - the US government and banks and indirectly most of the transnational companies. This manipulation can be done by printing money or leaning on weaker national economies to do deals that in the longer term enrich the "(young-and-)old-boy-network" of the super-rich in the interrelated circles of the US government and the six main banking houses (some of the six now amalgamated). Other super-rich may not live in the US but they tend to be closely linked to fortunes of the US monetary and power-elite. The whole of this 1-5% of Earth\s population are increasingly setting the agenda for most if not all national economies by having the power of large-scale investment, along with dominating the main determinants of culture through the media. Large-scale investment by the rich internationalists tends to absorb or knock out small-scale investment by the nationals of the smaller economies and marginalize the ordinary worker or middle-class citizen of those smaller economies. Hence, poverty in "advanced" countries.

A country prospers by preserving wilderness and giving its citizens sound infrastructure. Development financed by outside investment with out-flow of profits and a need to borrow from external rich international financiers  does not make for sound local economies or a good living environment. The citizens within a country need to pay taxes and invest. For that they need jobs that allow them to save resources. Taxes go toward good-for-all infrastructure and the savings go into local investment  providing capital for innovators and problem-solvers who live in the country and know it best. More internal jobs are thus created and expectations of a reasonable wage even for the less well trained and educated are fulfilled. Great to be a privileged, famed or supe-rskilled worker, but there's never any shortage of useful work if the money is spread evenly enough for it to be paid for. Money from outside from those that have too much? The old saying: "If you need to dine with the devil, take a long spoon with you!"

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