Friday, 27 June 2014

Background to celebrations of Winter Solstace

Above (picture) is the sun imprisoned in darkness, beginning to escape and emerge into the world's sky where it can renew heat and light. Below is an imaginative picture of the Syai titans, who in the spiritual world represent light and darkness. In Syai mythology, the sun was torn out of the breast of the Titan Lady of Light (the 'light' of the Big Bang, one might imagine) to escape and give light to our worlds. The Lady was left with a hole in her breast, where the sun was imprisoned as her breast-heart. (She still has a smaller on in her tail.) Similarly to the ancient Greek mythology, the Syai titans are more-or-less parents of the Syai gods. The Syai story of creation has much influence in Syai culture and in the celebration of seasonal festivals.

The above is from Chapter 10 of the Syai 'Holy" Book, which Terres is translating from the Syai language in such a way that it demonstrates to anyone keen to learn the language how it works. He therefore uses a reasonably literal translation. At present Terres (that's 'me') is revising this from-memory Syai source.

Christianity (and others)
The seminal beliefs of Christians appear to have been grafted on to the myth-religions of the ancient world of the Middle Eastern 'crossroads' of trade and culture.  All historic evidence points to it: a Divine Child miraculously born; Mithra - known as "The Unconquered Sun" - his birthday on the 25 December.  The Babylonian goddess Astarte, "Queen of Heaven" gave birth to a divine child, and so on.  The Child of Light has many different names according to cultural variants: Horus, Osiris, Helios, Dionysus, Aeon   ...

For Christianity,  Jesus  was chosen, it seems, as a myth/legend version of a remarkable man of whom there's some conflicting evidence and reports about in history, but who really was more a 'man' of mystery, placed alongside the above-mentioned Divine Child gods. That spriit-person who supposedly walked the Earth was made a figure of  light sent be a god of gods. Although he was not of the 'Sun' he nevertheless follows the symbolic pattern of the 'Sun' in birth and resurrection. He was then connected for his enhancement to the holy writ tradition of the Hebrews as a kind of Pope-Francis re-interpretor of the Old Testament.

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