Thursday, 19 June 2014

Features of the Syai language in relation to the 'alien' civilization but as possible 'Earth' language.

There's no reason to ignore the proven likelihood that other civilizations exist on other planets. The proof is there - not in any absolute sense, but in combining physics and cosmology with math. probability-analysis. Such a civilization as is 'imagined' under the name 'Syai', must be a development on a planet similar to ours if it is to have any real relevance to our human condition. It must have more meaning to us than just escapist entertainment. That Syai h(r)umans have a culture and language of their own is vital for this "thought-experiment".

Terres can use English to describe Syai culture, but the language is the window to the full envisaging and appreciation of it.

The twelve key consonants are the cornerstone of the building of Syai vocabulary. Each letter points to a picture-of-sorts as a hint of generalized meaning (but not a precise indication of connotation). With study of how the language expands from that, one can end up with any utterance (in ordinary conversation) able to be spoken and written down with ease. Spelling is phonetic and systematic and the grammar also follows regular patterns almost entirely. The grammar has important differences from English, but is not very different from most of the European and related languages. However, Syai grammar is expressive in itself of Syai culture and mythology to the extent that even the way each verbal root can be varied in meaning and application is pattern-integrated with the Syai pantheon.

A sentence that can be written and spoken in Syai  might be any picked out of a hat, but the ordinary typewriter just makes it look incomprehensible, as it would also be to any native Syai. I can write it correctly on my laptop with the Syai font. If you dont have that font, a sentence translated into Syai like "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."  looks like this:

.  \srr |subjaf  cyq   uusad   yct||vc  reim   |sra   wdjaf   dpaim|tu.

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