Friday, 30 May 2014

Genuinely spiritual people only become part of religious communities for pragmatic  and/or protection-seeking reasons. Today, most of them step aside from "religious belongingness". The advances of science have enabled them to step down to earth from the "dizzy" height of institutionalized class-self-appointed dominance over the minds of the plebs.

Unfortunately most of religion still has a vested interest in ignorance. Some religious leaders are well-educated, but almost all seem to have retained some link to the toxic blend of myth, superstition and higher-power special-pleading appeal. (Myth and story, of course, are in themselves wonderful.)

Spirituality is really only to be trusted when it gives what's due to science and philosophy. 'God' is not a kind of glue than sticks together the members of super-tribes through their space-time journey. 'God' is to be better defined as the root-justification of the species-survival necessity of the ethical life; as well as being the Mystery of how it all began and how it all will end.

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