Friday, 2 May 2014

If you have to end life, maybe the best way ...

Marie Antoinette hardly deserved to die in this way - the guillotine with all the "circus" around it!   But in regard to choice of death - if you were forced to choose and had a choice - this may be superior to any other.There is some recent anecdotal evidence of that. Dying quickly and "cleanly" is not as easy as many people think. In writings about Syai I take up the case for the guillotine as a punishment in very limited circumstances.

I recommend reading the mini-article that The New Penguin English Dictionary includes with its definition of 'Guillotine' (p.620). It could be the most "humane" choice of death in the cases of both felony and voluntary euthanasia. Because Syai society is geared to peace, fairness, sustainability and promotion of happiness for the vast majority, calculate murder is extremely rare. But there has to be certain boundaries that can't be crossed on pain of death. To eliminate war as we know it on Earth, such 'tribal' groups as there are must use only weaponry deployed by the individual's muscles and natural senses. All violence can deserve some degree of punishment, but introducing weapons of fire and poison has been made a capital offence.

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