Monday, 26 May 2014

How a transport network might work without the private car.

Ready transport availability for all is important. It can be fast and easy or slow and leisurely. It should have minimal impact on the nature of the land it crosses. Fast transport from village to village and in-and-out of towns is achieved, according to Terres (Syai), by means of  propeller-driven miniplanes that run on bio-fuel but are sped along an overhead magnetized rail above the ground. This interferes with the visual environment, but the advantages over long-distance tunnelling are very considerable (e.g. for fixing faults). In fact a long-distance tunnel system would not be feasible economically, nor be done with sufficient safety. The Syai rapid-travel system provides privacy and comfort as well as tourist-satisfying views. Each miniplane takes only one adult (perhaps with a small child), but they run plentifully for groups to go in 'trains' of them. I have drawn  a sketchy diagram of a bottom-up view of a miniplane, but a request for details would take up so much space here that I must leave it for a reply I could supply specifically to any genuinely interested person. 

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