Monday, 31 August 2015

Picture: small white figure entering a dark future.

I fear the people of Europe will come to regret that their governments failed to act soon enough and take the more long-term view of the refugee and "better-life-seeker" invasion from the failed and semi-failed states of the Middle East and Africa. Those displaced person include the ones trying to escape from the violence of rebellion come from Syria where there was (and still is) an attempt to overthrow government. That attempt was (and is)  backed by powerful outside interests. That beleaguered government, though hardly democratic and with many flaws, might have been pressured instead to make improvements, and at least it had  - over  a considerable time -  ensured stability.

 Saudi Arabia and its "friends", including the United States, offered no refuge for the fleeing refugees, despite the fact that by far the majority of them (as well as other displaced persons from Eritrea and other states) are of the same majority branch of the Islamic faith as the great majority of people in wealthy Saudi Arabia.

The result of the turmoil may please the more militant extremist elements in the Islamic Faith, as inevitable Islam will play a more important and probably a somewhat disturbing part in the future of Europe. The general goal of spreading Islam will take a significant step forward. Unfortunately, that will probably include an advance in the fortunes of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq/Syria. As the picture here seems to me to symbolize, it's dark days ahead for a "diminished" Europe, and not cheering either for the majority of people world-wide.

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