Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The problems and advantages of simplification

Trying to give a propagandized and ill-informed public some idea of what is really going on in this world is a difficult and thankless task. In general, people hold to simplified world-views, formed by collective emotional "swings and roundabouts" or feelings and ideas coming to them from the unconscious and childhood-implanted conditions. To break through such a barrier one has to simplify. In all affairs that have to do with the complexities of society and politics, to simplify is inevitably to falsify - to a degree. But it is nevertheless preferable to try to do it, rather than to leave matters to the false simplifications that take root like "memes" and serve self-serving power-groups and vested interests.

Simplification in language is something different. I (or Terres) would claim that such simplification does not necessarily limit effective functioning or ability to express complex feelings and ideas. The Syai language is a product of a particular culture developed on another planet. To bring it "down to Earth" is a tremendous task for the writer of this blog. If one is not young, the constraints on it are largely a matter of time. An energetic 80 y.o., wanting to stay engaged in family and social life, inevitably slows down in energy as time "speeds up"!  It's like being on a merry-go-round going faster and faster, not being able to stop it for a pause or slow it down. In order to finish the task it may be necessary to break off from trying to express in simple summary the painful truths that cause so many people difficulty in acceptance and understanding. One has a choice. One can try to get through the gate-keepers to bring as much "awakening to reality" as you are capable of in the present, or you can try to create a greater source of awaking in future possibilities for mankind and her environment?  Something needs to be finished that belongs to the hopes of the future, and that is Syai. What is shown in the picture above is a Syai world-creation symbol and a teacher of Syai hand-writing, who seems to be telling me: "Get on with it - finishing your Syai work must take priority!"

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