Friday, 21 August 2015

Disruption of Nationhood on our Planet

The Syai planet includes communities that go their own way largely, but limits are set to cause them never to be a danger to the planetary laws that protect both the main civilization (which is that of the Syai) and the basic natural environment. The unity of this Earth-world can only emerge from (a) sustainable balance of individual freedom and responsibility; (b) from the elimination of all forms of corruption. What the picture symbolizes by the diminished games board (has only six across instead of eight), is the future of our planet. A diminished environment with all the pieces lost because of too many unleashed destructive forces.

The NZ journalist Karl Du Frense reviews George Friedman concerning Europe and the world in general. I am impressed, but draw conclusions that seem to me to follow:
1. Nation states need to embrace cooperativeness, but retain their sovereignty and cultural integrity.
2. Russia needs 'protectable' borders or it will take reactive action.
3. Accumulated oil money in the unfettered capitalistic global system that causes vast differences in wealth both within nations and between nations is destabilizing and giving excessive 'oxygen' to socially illiberal and fanatical forces, some of which seek to justify their violent actions through religion.
4. Sunni Muslims who could be classed as 'moderates' because they are at least open to changes that would adjust their religion to the world as it is now and not as it was 14 hundred years ago - these people need to join many of the non-Sunni Muslims (and Christians) fleeing from the chaos of what has been fostered by the Wahhabi ideology of the Saudi elite, allies and other groups holding the same rigidly extremist views. Europe especially is facing the consequences of this and must change tactics to enable many of the refugees to return to their homelands.
5. As for New Zealand, our prosperity depends on trade and trade routes staying open for us whatever policies we adopt externally or internally. US based 'big business' threatens this freedom, especially as the US tries to tighten its grip in the Pacific region. It is in our interests to protect our trade with China and to discreetly support a balance that does not allow the US to become too strategically powerful over the Pacific region. 

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