Monday, 17 August 2015

From my "Syai-alien" point of view,this picture looks sinister: a dead-end street of nostalgia, of regressive sentimentality, of greed and cunning?  Could that the the prevailing psychological ambiance of our world at this beginning of the 20th Century? Looking into much of what is going on, especially in the Middle East, its coming repercussions, it may be that ISIS is one of the best indicators of a growing planetary crisis.

The link between the United States and ISIS (‘islamic state’)
ISIS thinks it is going to punish America and bring it down to size. In fact, in its hatred of all of Islam that does not submit to its Wahhabi (and like) version of Islam, it is becoming more and more a tool of the United States’ strategic, economic and cultural ambitions, which tend to centre on “regime change”.
Where there is social-political upheaval in the world, the US power-elite with its close allies will use the upheaval to their advantage.
In doing this there are costs – also in blood – but the US power-elite are generally able to externalize these costs so that they are born mainly be populations outside the US.
A true understanding of what is going on in the Middle East depends on acceptance of the above. One must also accept that those who have ambitions to rise like a fiery phoenix from the deadness of the old colonial order, to achieve world domination, also seek out every way to use the US power- and its allies to their advantage. The main ally of both ISIS and US: Saudi Arabia.
ISIS  - in its advance into the West – can also count on the supportive apologetics of The West’s regressive leftists, who are about all  that is left of the once-powerful freedom-fighting left-wing of European heritage.
There are still a good number of progressive, socially liberal Americans, even some journalists. The US power-elite tolerate them only in so much as they can be kept on the sideline; impotently window-dressing a bogus “democracy”.
ISIS is slowed down a little with a desultory bombing campaign by the US and allies. This strategically fits in with what they are really aiming for: the good old US custom of effecting regime-changes to suit. At this present time: in Syria.

World-wide there are youngish men, disillusioned, disaffected and bored, turning more-or-less fanatical and violent, to give their lives some meaning. Along with some genuine extremist Sunni Islamists, they supply the boots on the ground in accord with the Nixon Doctrine.  ISIS therefore works well for the US power-elite and allies, diverting attention from Israel’s intransigence and making the survival of an anti-US, non-Sunni Syrian regime impossible.

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