Thursday, 30 October 2014

This picture is T.'s impression of a Syai caravan-cottage (drawn from memory and T. is no artist). Each Syai adult has such a private dwelling to him or her self although much of their daily activity is usually spent in the communal buildings of the village. Villages are situated in well-forested regions and have cultivated fields and meadow-like surroundings with well-protected water-ways and wet-lands.

The adult individual can live and work in solitude using his or her caravan-cottage, pretty well as he or she sees fit. Food is stored just adjacent to the door, as needed. If there is reason for the individual to move and work in a different village, the home goes as well. The letters (picture) indicate some of the utility of the parts of the home, while the base (yellow, 'F.') is where the wheels are a little below the surface and where electricity supply and drainage are taken care of.
A :  skylight- can be opened or made opaque. 
B :  raised organic toilet, to facilitate the composting process.
C:   access trap through which the compost can be retrieved, used.
D:   auxiliary unit for storage and temperature regulation.
E :  Attachment for when 'tractor' needs to pull home to new place.
F ;   As already described above.
G :   Paved pathway to main communal building (cover not shown).

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  1. I had meant to make some comparison here with some contemporary ill-conceived developments in housing, but will try putting these thoughts on Facebook.