Friday, 17 October 2014


I’ve been speaking to several groups on the subject of Spirituality. The idea that spirits live in the world (or in some place linked to the world) has been around from ancient times and persists in some quarters today. We draw on experience of things, animals, unfamiliar persons and natural features or processes. Out of that mix we fashion spirits. Many of us endow them with a reality they don’t deserve. However, different tribal or “super-tribal” cultures with their religions are largely dependent for their continued separateness on the formation and maintenance of their notions of dynamic spirits (or “Spirit”). Although this human phenomenon has to do with the rich diversity of cultures, it tends to alienate us from unification when it is needed world-wide, tending instead to foster ideology and conflict between different groupings under different “flags” or symbols. Despite this, there’s no doubt as to the value of it so long as it is recognized as belonging in the realm of mythology and symbolism. It would then be possible to dig deeper and analyse the underlying significance of “spirituality” as opposed to spirits. Spirituality would be clearly seen as beneficial to the theorizing and mind-experiments that stir the imagination of scientist in looking into the unknown and making advances in our understandings of  micro- and macro- cosmos. The unity of religious groups would be made more possible and their buildings would be open to all as“church" community centers. . 

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