Sunday, 7 September 2014

(3) How fanatics (and persons of not-well-self-examined faith) break the triangle and lose touch with reality

The evangelical who sings something like "Will the circle not be broken?" has already broken the triangle.  Nevertheless, most evangelicals tend to be less than consistent in maintaining that break, unlike the fanatic.

With the fanatic, direct interactive lines of contact  between the intellectual centre and the world-embracing centre are broken, leaving the triangle of the healthy psyche partially destroyed.  There is in the healthy psyche's triangle what might be called the halo (the seat of the supreme goddess) of conscious-generation and mediation around the unconscious centre.  That part is meant to have the job of filtering and modifying the unconsciously generated turmoil of feelings and images. In the broken triangle it no longer works as it should.

It might be said that the goddess (a personifying of the active ring, as shown in yellow, around the unconscious, linking it to the whole) no longer  operates effectively. However, the flow of interactive information between the intellectual centre and the world-embracing centre is still maintained. The trouble is, it has to take the round-about rout, passing through the emotional centre, which - as it allows it through - inappropriately tries to modify and filter it but instead largely distorts it. Thus the individual has only an indirect relationship of intellect with reality. This damaging compromise, doing away with the direct connection of  the two outer centres, intellect and world-embracing, has nothing to do with the power of intellect, the passion of emotion or the apparent material successes the individual enjoys in life. That person is no longer a whole person, and, usually, sooner or later, that fact is almost bound to be realized, either by himself, by others or both, even if the general realisation comes only later through re-examination in historical context. Even a compassionate genius can be - essentially - crazy, his life's work leaving the world and humanity worse off.

The direct lines affected are those (in the unbroken triangle) between intellectual centre and world-embracing centre. In the broken triangle, these lines do not disappear but are shifted subjectively inwards, as it were.  They then link the intellect (the thinking, believing mind) directly to the main centre which is the unconscious centre. This link is made, without the world-embracing centre's involvement. The triangle is thereupon a broken one. This frees up the intellect from coping directly (and in the long run, effectively) with the often harsh (sometimes pleasant) impacts of the material world.. It compromises the individual's capacity to rationally respond to the real world's uncompromising buffeting. The round-about nature of the residual connective lines via the emotional centre, have, in many cases (especially the religious ones), a cushioning benefit to the weakened, deformed psyche in dealing with the real world.

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