Saturday, 6 September 2014

(2) A simple symbolic shape of the normal mature well-functioning psyche

The grey is the background of unknowing: we have no grasp of reality beyond the reach of our senses.  At the centre of the triangle is the animal-body unconscious, but with a radiating influence, supporting not only the outer centres but the three double-lines of interconnections from one to the other. The channels (shown in brown) are the basic developmental force generated from the unconscious centre that allows the other centres and triangle to take form and generate consciousness. Thus the supreme goddess Sunchild, as child of the rude, atavistic titans, takes her place in or around the unconscious center. The heart-symbol here does not represent her, but the overt urges and emotional workings of the individual's nature, thus Redbelly's. The head, of course, is the seat if the intellect, Bluehead's. The Chinese pictogram for 'earth' is the world-embracing center, where the individual has his (/her) impact on the physical and biological environment, and has to use his outer senses, limbs and so forth, to deal with the harsh - if sometimes very pleasant - impacts that the real world has on him - thus, Moonbeast's.

The integrity of the triangle enables the thrust of  forces of the unconscious to be -as it were - steered and modified into a well-balanced consciousness. Aesthetics and imagination well-directed to enhancement of life beyond just that of the individual, play a big part in this. The unconscious centre is a seething cauldron of dream-like memory-generated and imaged ideas that the consciousness draws upon constantly. This inspirational function of the unconscious centre has to pass through the centre's outer filter (personified in by the earth-sun-goddess Sunchild) if it is not to disrupt the balance and unbroken interconnecting lines of the psychic triangle. If  the steering through the holistic filtering does not take place , one might say it means that Sunchild has retreated to the emotional centre and cannot steer the course of the individual appropriately. She is no longer in the driver's seat, which sooner or later is taken over by the blindingly ruthless, more-or-less maniacal titans with their dream-machine. An example of this malfunction (fanaticism) will be presented as a break in the triangle (of sanity) in my next posting.

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