Friday, 18 April 2014

The Syai world, possibly in another gakaxy.

The universe contains around 100 billion galaxies, each with between 100 to 500 billion stars. Most scientists are convinced that by dint of sheer numbers there must be aliens out there. This would include some races of beings similar to us. Biologists tend to me more sceptical about this than are mathematicians. One biologist put the chances at only one or two planets with 'intelligent' life in every 5-to-7 galaxies. But that was before up-to-date astronomers revealed that planets are far more common around stars that had been thought likely.

The Syai planet ('Feishoafeis') is one such planet as imagined. Who knows? At least some likeness to it may be out there. How would we contact the Syai aliens? I don't know. For my purposes in writing about them and creating this blog, I just assume the contact has been made. Someone records discussions and writes about the memories of a visitor who has been to the Syai world. The "Someone" I call Lakka (L.) and the "visitor" I call Terres, the name he/she called him/her self when with the Syai people.  L.

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