Thursday, 24 April 2014

'Picturing' the gods.

In Victorian times and earlier it was commonplace for artists to picture God and associated celestial beings, not to mention the old gods of Greek mythology. It's interesting that in these times we are more shy and more reluctant to represent gods and even human figures who were mouthpieces for a 'god'  in art, especially when it is being  done for the benefit of believers in a still-living religious faith. The modern 'believer in the One God'' seems to think material representation is best left to nothing more that old-time pictorial symbols not taken seriously. In Islamic religion is completely forbidden to picture Allah and His human mouthpiece in any way whatsoever. In my Syai world religion is pretty well identical with myth and the power of myth to awaken the inner mind. Accordingly, there is no trouble over picturing the gods as one might suggest they should look in an artist's imagination, in the imagination of a child or of anyone whether a skilled illustrator or not.   

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