Friday, 28 March 2014

I need more assistance on how to operate this blog and to find the possible channels of interest in it. This blog is very relevant to the present global 'crisis' of confidence (and lack of it) in the future: whether we are moving more toward a 'dystopia' or making some progress out of the dangers we are in to approach some sate that is more 'utopian' than the state we are in at this start of the 21st Century.

 I have discovered by exploring through Google that there must be considerable interest "out there" in invented languages. There are or have been many 'experiments' in it and I believe they all have something to teach us about language, even if they aren't (in themselves) very successful. One of the uniquenesses of the Syai language is that it has its own native script (existing only on my computer so far, I'm afraid).

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